A Brief Look Into YOLO Algorithm for Object Detection


Walk around the streets of Los Angeles and I bet you five bucks a Model 3 will pass by every minute or so. Tesla’s best selling auto comes at a “bargain” price of just under $40k and is popular for reasons. The company has taken pride in being the first to popularize “smart” electric vehicle. Furthermore, Tesla’s strong point comes in the form of Autopilot. This feature enables a seemingly ordinary car to drive autonomously without the need of human drivers, a piece of technology commonly imagined by futurist back then. How do they achieve this? To put it simple…

Source: xkcd.com

For those of us who just started diving into the deep void that is machine learning, convolutional neural network (hereafter referred as CNN) is a term often talked about when it comes to image classification. Most, if not all, basic image classification model uses CNN as its building block. The main reason behind this is due to the ability of CNN to process large amount of filters in parallel to a specific dataset under constraints specified by the problem, mainly image classification. …

Rayhan Alghifari

Run-of-the-mill college student

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